MTA New York launches RFP for new metro cars

MTA New York City Transit announced its plans to purchase 949 new metro cars with an open-gangway configuration with a base order for 504 new cars with two opetions for additional metro cars. The first one option includes 445 additional cars and a second option, 415 additional cars under the 2025-2029 capital plan.

NYC Transit is seeking competitive proposals, which allow the agency to consider technical approaches, overall technical qualifications including proposer’s experience, product quality and delivery schedule, overall project cost and financial benefits.

Once delivered, these cars will replace the class of R62 and R62A metro cars currently in use on the Lexington Avenue 456 line, which is planned for a major resignaling project to modern computerized signaling.

The specifications for the new R262 will be based on the latest technical specifications for the R211 metro cars, which are being designed for the “B Division” lines and will feature updated crash standards, state-of-the-art communications and signage, and immediate compatibility with a modern signaling system. Some specific design elements will be unique to the R262, including an open gangway design for use on the subway system’s “A Division” lines, and added hearing loops for hearing-impaired customers.

Funding the base order of the R262 cars and its option has been approved as part of the 2020-2024 capital plan. The second option for 415 additional cars is conditional on the approval of the 2025-2029 capital plan.

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