Moscow starts a new station improvement project

By the end of this year, Moscow will improve 30 metro and Moscow Central Circle stations before the opening of the Moscow Central Diameters.
The lightboxes – the glowing station platform navigation signs, will be upgraded. They will be provided with pointers to find the transfer to the MCD.
The authorities plan to launch the transport services on two diameter lines by the end of this year. The first line will link Odintsovo to Lobnya and the second one will offer efficient services between Nakhabino and Podolsk.
In recent years, 150 metro stations have been renovated across the entire network. This accounts for more than half of all Moscow metro stations. Passenger areas, including lobbies and underpasses, have been improved. The repair works included stairs and escalators renewal, floor and utilities improvement, and silent-running turnstiles and shelters over the entrances were assembled. The lobbies of some stations have been restored back to their historical appearance.
“Many metro stations have not seen repairs since their opening. Being rather dilapidated, they required replacement of stairs, floor and walls cladding, as well as utilities. We have adjusted metro entrances for people with limited mobility and installed up-to-date silent-running turnstiles. Lighting has improved, too,” Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

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