Moscow, Seoul and Pyongyang to implement transport projects

trans-siberianJoint projects between Moscow, Seoul and Pyongyang, including the development of rail infrastructure, will benefit Russia, South and North Korea, Russia’s Ambassador to Seoul Alexander Timonin said.
„The connection of the TransSib and the trans-Korean railways, the laying of a gas pipeline and the construction of electricity transmission lines connecting Russia and both Koreas can bring economic dividends for project participants. Both Pyongyang and Seoul generally agree with this approach,” the Ambassador said.
Work on implementing some of these projects is already under way, Timonin said.
„In 2013-2014, specialists from RZD and North Korea successfully completed the upgrade of a rail link between the station of Khasan (Russia) and Rajin (North Korea) and a modern freight terminal was launched into operation at the third pier of the port of Rajin,” the Russian diplomat said.

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