Moscow to open the first section of Third Interchange Circuit

By the end of this year, Moscow will put into commercial services five new stations on Third Interchange Circuit (TIC), on the Delovoy Tsentr – Petrovsky Park section with a length of 10.5 km. Petrovsky Park, CSKA, Khoroshovskaya, Shelepikha and Delovoy Tsentr will be the five stations constructed on the first section of the Third Interchange Circuit.
“The project to create a large underground circle in the Moscow Metro is becoming a reality. We have built the first section, from Petrovsky Park to Delovoy Tsentr. Trains will start running there in a few months, after startup and adjustment operations are completed,” Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said during the technical launching of the first section of TIC.
Currently, the construction of open-line tunnels and main structures at all the stations has been completed. Finishing works and startup and adjustment operations are coming to an end.
The Third Interchange Circuit (TIC) will be a new large circle in the Moscow Metro. The line will be 66 km long and consist of 31 stations. The expected passenger flow is over 650,000 people a day.
The construction of the TIC’s first section is taking place in two stages. The second stage provides building the Nizhnyaya Maslovka station in 2018.
Opening the new section of the Third Interchange Circuit will improve transport services for the employees and guests of the Moscow City International Business Centre, as well as the residents of the Khoroshovsky, Aeroport, Presnensky and Savyolovsky districts.

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