Moscow – Kazan HSR design contract signed

Moscow-Kazan HSROJSC High Speed Lines, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, and a consortium of design companies with the participation of Mosgiprotrans, Nizhegorodmetroproekt and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd, have signed a contract for the development of the design documentation for the construction of the Moscow – Kazan section on the Moscow – Kazan – Yekaterinburg high-speed railway line.
The basis for the agreement’s signing is the decision of the Tender Committee of Russian Railways, as well as the general agreement on the preparation and management of high speed line projects signed between Russian Railways and High Speed Lines. The contract is to be completed during 2015-2016 at a cost of 20 billion roubles (EUR 329 million).
During the contract’s performance, complex engineering survey will be carried out on the Moscow – Vladimir – Nizhny Novgorod – Cheboksary – Kazan line, the draft plan and the draft land survey prepared and approved, and the project documentation with the construction phases developed.
In line with the established procedure, the developed project documentation will then be subjected to approval by the Federal Autonomous Establishment State Expert Evaluation Department of the Russian Federation, as well as financial and technical audit.
The distribution of work and responsibilities within the consortium will be conducted taking into account the strengths and experience of each of the participants with regard to the design of large-scale transport projects, in particular of high-speed railway lines.
Engineering surveys along the whole Moscow – Kazan stretch will be done by the Russian participants in the consortium, while it is planned that the Chinese side will act as consultants to support the survey work, in particular the optimisation of track design for compliance with the required specifications on passengers safety and comfort and participation in designing the most critical infrastructure subsystems and their elements.

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