Moscow is preparing to test its first driverless tram

Vityaz-M tram platform

The municipality of Moscow has announced that in the coming months it will test its first driverless tram. It was created by PC Transport Systems and Cognitive Technologies and is based on the Vityaz-M tram platform, created in collaboration with Transmashholding.
The driverless tram will be tested on Line 17, Ostankino – Medvedkovo.
The intelligent transport system includes 10 radar systems and 20 video cameras. His first trip will be done without passengers, but a tram driver will be in the driving cab for any required assistance.
If all the tests work out well, passengers in Moscow could travel with the driverless tram starting in 2021.
“If it detects an obstacle on the line, the tram will automatically brake. Moreover, if a car driver on a road parallel to the running track is driving too fast, the tram will detect the car and will lower its speed. And if the weather conditions are poor, the driverless tram will also lower its speed”, Yuri Minkin, director of the security systems at PC Transport Systems and Cognitive Technologies, said.
It is assumed that the unmanned tram will be able to recognise other vehicles in traffic, as well as pedestrians, even under poor street lighting conditions.
The world’s first driverless tram was launched in China. Its transport capacity is up to 380 passengers and the running speed is up to 70 km / h.


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