Mongolia to open a freight car plant with the support of Belarus

The Transport Minister of Mongolia, B. Enkh-Amgalan, proposed to Belarus Minister of Industry, Pavel Utyupin, the establishment of a freight car assembly plant in Mongolia. The project would be implemented in cooperation with the Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant (MVZ), a major rolling stock manufacturer in Belarus. The governments of the two countries are expected to soon sign an agreement.

The Mongolian Minister of Transport explained that as the country needs to increase its freight rolling stock fleet, due to the increase of mining production and to a rapid development of mining-supported rail projects.

For this project, a EUR 50 million credit line would be provided by the Development Bank of Belarus.

During the official visit in Belarus, the ministries of transport of the two countries signed a five-year agreement to implement transport projects. Belarus will also deliver Mongolia trucks and special purpose equipment for road maintenance.

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