Moldovan Railways to receive EIB funding

Moldovan Railways (CFM) may receive EUR 30 million financing from the European Investment Bank for the rehabilitation of 233 km of a single track between Bender, Basarabeasca, Etulia and Giurgiulesti. The total value of the project is estimated at EUR 102 million.
The project is also financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union (EU) through its Neighborhood Investment Platform.
On February 22, CFM launched the tender for the design and rehabilitation works on Bender-Basarabeasca-Etulia-Giurgiulesti line, part of the Moldovan South railways corridor, which is a 1520 mm gauge railway system.
Under the tender, the works were divided into the two sections. The first one envisages surveys, inspections, and any other undertakings required for the development of the detailed design of the works including the construction drawing as well as obtaining of all required approvals. It is also includes the execution of the works which do not require design approvals such as works which involve no change to the rail-sleeper lattice.
The second section involves the execution of all other works such as the rehabilitation of track superstructure, repair of track bed defects, renewal of track infrastructure, turnouts and crossings at stations/passing loops (14 sites, 89 new turnouts; 5 new crossings), repair of bridge structures, culverts, the rehabilitation of signalling, telecommunication and power supply systems. Under the project, a new building for Giurgiulesti Station interlocking equipment will be constructed.
The works are expected to start on in November 2019 and last about 8 months for the first section and 24 months for the second section.

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