Modified Metropolis trains start services on Panama metro Line 1

Panama Metro put into commercial operation on Line 1 the firsts modified Metropolis trains, from three to five cars. Alstom has modified the metro trains under a EUR 130 million contract signed in 2015 for the supply of 70 additional cars to the fleet of the city’s metro system.
The trains that run through Line 1 are from the Metropolis range, which is manufactured on Alstom’s plant in Santa Perpetua, Barcelona.
The extension of Line 1 is achieved through a process known as retrofit, which began in at the end of 2015 and will end in 2019. In this process Alstom, in addition to supplying 6 new five-car trains, will extend the fleet by transforming three-car trains into five-car trains, resulting in a fleet of 26 trains of 5 cars. Thanks to this fleet extension, Panama’s Metro Line 1 will improve the mobility of more than 293 thousand passengers that use this line on a daily basis, increasing its capacity by up to one thousand passengers per train.
Besides this retrofit, Panama’s Metro also renewed its preventive maintenance contract with Alstom for the maintenance of the power and signaling systems as well as to the trains of Line 1, which includes a detailed plan to avoid the reliability and availability of the services offered to the users.
The Line 1, inaugurated in 2014, was supplied by Alstom as an integrated metro system comprising 20 Metropolis as well as Urbalis CBTC and electrification. The line, which crosses the city from north to south, is about 16 km long and includes 14 stations.

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