Modernised trainset for Samara Metro

Transmashholding handed over a four-car metro train to Samara Metro, under a contract signed in October 2019 for the modernisation of two head cars and two intermediate cars.

The train has an updated passenger interior, featuring ventilation with an emergency mode, has a modernised interior trim, fiberglass frame seats, “light strip” lighting solution, stainless steel horizontal and vertical handrails, and video surveillance converging video feeds to the driver’s control panel.

The doorways have warning lights to signal the closing sequence, the door mechanisms feature anti-pinch function that detects obstacles. The trains carry updated electric equipment and modernised bogies, which allows for a 31-year lifecycle.

The updated driver’s cab is 30% more spacious compared to older versions, featuring aerodynamic masks and emergency ramps in the front. The driver’s seats have antivibration mounting and can be adjusted in three dimensions. Driver’s cabs now have climate control systems and soundproofing.

The metro train was sent from TMH Mytishi Plant which produces 81-717.b/714.b series of trains since 2009. Such metro trains were delivered to Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Ekaterinburg.

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