Mitre rail viaduct opened in Buenos Aires

Presidential opening

Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, and the Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, inaugurated the new rail viaduct on the Retiro Mitre – Tigre line, being the first elevated line constructed in a century in Buenos Aires.
“This marvelous work is synonymous with progress, safety, quality of life and demonstrates, with clarity, that if there is honesty, work, vocation and commitment, it is possible,” the President said.
The Mitre train now run through the 3.9 km viaduct, constructed from the Dorrego Avenue, in Palermo (Buenos Aires neighborhood), to the Congreso Avenue, in Núñez (neighbourhood in the Buenos Aires). Under the project, eight level crossings were removed, to roads were re-opened, and 60,000 m2 of new green public spaces, service areas and recreational areas were created.
“This is another rail transformation project. Mitre train was the first electrified rail system in South America and provides safety transport services. This viaduct is the sign that we can fulfill the proposed projects in a timely manner,” Guillermo Dietrich, the minister of transport said.

Belgrano C station

Under the project, two elevated stations, Belgrano C and Lisandro de la Torre, were built to replace the former at-grade stations. Belgrano C is a transport hub, with 10m-high and 22m-long platforms and two access points with common and mechanical stairs and elevators. The Lisandro de la Torre station will be opened this autumn, as construction works are 53% completed. They will serve the RER network.
With the new viaduct and train services commencement, more than 200,000 public transport users (trains and buses) benefit more than the neighbors of the area. With transport services launching, 130,000 daily passengers who use the Mitre line (Tigre branch) will be able to travel better and the 30,000 bus users who pass through the area and the 70,000 motorists who make those journeys every day will save up to 20 minutes previously generated by delays at level crossings.

Mitre viaduct

The Mitre viaduct was developed and financed by the Ministry of Transport and was performed by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Urban Development. The project was initiated in 2017 and the construction works were launched in 2018.
The project is part of Red de Expresos Regionales (RER) plan which includes the construction of viaducts and level crossings removal on the San Martín and Belgrano Sur lines, which are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

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