Mireo Smart train presented

Mireo Smart trainSiemens Mobility has presented the new Mireo Smart train, a version which is focusing 100% on efficiency seeking to provide an agile response to the requirements of regional and commuter transport, thanks to an extra measure of response speed, reliability, economic efficiency, and service.

The new train enables operators to quickly expand their capacity and ensures profitable operation thanks to its attractive price, low maintenance costs and very high degree of reliability.

The new three-car trainset shortens the time between ordering and starting service to a maximum of 18 months. Sales are done with a data sheet, with optimal equipment and on fixed terms. Reliable components, extensive tests prior to delivery, and a high degree of standardization ensure that the train operates reliably right from day one. This makes the Mireo Smart a highly viable alternative to fleet modernisation.

“The Mireo offers transport operators the opportunity to respond flexibly to changing capacity requirements and to quickly expand their fleets with a standardised product with short delivery times. Our customers benefit from an attractive price, great reliability and optional service packages,” Albrecht Neumann, CEO of Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility said.

Siemens Mobility says that the spare parts, maintenance packages and service contracts can be purchased along with the trains.

The three-car Mireo Smart train has a capacity of 214 seats, including 12 seats in 1st class, and provides 21 spaces for parking bicycles and two areas for wheelchairs. It has 4entry areas per train on each side

The train is equipped with train-trackside communication, full security surveillance system and air conditioning.

It is also fitted with onboard internet, passenger information systems, security monitoring systems (CCTV) and large TFT monitors in the entry areas.

The train has a maximum speed of 160 km /h.

The Mireo Smart is based on the successful Mireo platform, of which over 180 trains have been ordered to date. In February, DB Regio ordered 18 Mireo trains for  Lausitz regional network. This year, Siemens Mobility received the first order for Mireo Plus B battery version from Baden-Württemberg SFBW.

The first Mireo trains have been in passenger service on the Rhine Valley network since June 2020.  In September, the authorities of Baden-Württemberg unveiled the Mireo train for Rhine-Neckar S-Bahn.

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