Mipro to provide interlocking system for Helsinki Metro

SaapuminenMipro has received a contract from the Helsinki City Transport operator HKL and Länsimetro to deliver the interlocking system for West Metro (Länsimetro), the Western metro extension from central Helsinki to the neighboring town of Espoo.
The agreement covers the interlocking and operation control systems, and also the passenger information system for the section Ruoholahti-Matinkylä. The contract, with a total value of 19.7 million euros, includes an option for corresponding systems to be delivered for the current Helsinki metro and Länsimetro extension as well.
”It is a breakthrough for a new business area and an excellent reference for international markets as well. Our experience of over 20 years in interlocking and traffic control system deliveries for railways provides a strong basis to be a global supplier of safety related systems for metro traffic as well,” Mipro Oy’s managing director Juha Nurmi said.

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