Metropolis design for Mumbai metro unveiled

Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, has unveiled the design of the new Alstom Metropolis trainset for Line 3, named Aqua Line. The design is inspired by the vital flow of water, as the sea captures a special place in the city. This line will offer a fast, efficient and sustainable mode of travel for the citizens of Mumbai.
Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) said that the color scheme of the new train has a unique blend of comfort (beige) and freshness (aqua green) to provide a relaxed and refreshing travel experience.
In September 2018, MMRC awarded Alstom a EUR 315 million contract for the supply of 248 metro cars which will be manufactured from its state-of-the-art rolling stock manufacturing unit at Sri City in Chennai.
The trains will be also equipped with regenerative braking system aiding significant reduction in carbon emissions. In addition to the above features, it will be also the first UTO (Unattended Train Operation) project in Mumbai and second in India after Delhi Line L7/8.
Alstom will deliver 31 lightweight, fully-furnished modern passenger train sets of 8 cars each. In addition, the manufacturer will be responsible for training of operating and maintenance staff for Mumbai Metro Line-3 system as well.
The new trains will serve the 33.5-km line connecting the busiest and congested regions in Mumbai. The metro line will connect Cuffe Parade business district in the extreme south of the city to Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone in the north-central with 26 underground and one street-level station. Line 3 will be the first underground metro line in Mumbai and will be one of the biggest underground continuous stretches in India.

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