Metro de Caracas starts modernisation of metro line 2

Caracas-Metro_Metro-Caracas-Manuel-Sarda_NACIMA20121015_0029_6The modernization of the railway line 2 in the Mamera Y zone of Metro de Caracas was successfully launched according to the Minister of the Transport and Public Works, Haiman el Troudi.
“This line went into service 29 years ago and therefore deserves a deep intervention, according to the measures established and during one year we have been working on different components of this branch as replacing all the autopilot and railway signaling” Dolores Gonzalez, the president of  Metro de Caracas indicates.
As part of the transformation actions developed in this important branch of the capital’s metro network, was the repowering with 50 trains five of which were completed, this means an advance of 10% and aspiration for the purpose of  deliver 12 trains in 2015.
In terms of electrification the cable system of the railway network was replaced as well as most of the 20 km (both ways) of rails.

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