Mercer Holz receives the final Transwaggon cars

freight carsTranswaggon has handed over to the Mercer Holz company the last batch of 27 freight cars for woodchips transport, completing the delivery of 156 wagons. The final freight car delivery arrived in Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt, on 11 May.

The wagons were dispatched from the manufacturer, Tatravagonka, in Poprad, Slovakia, to Celje in Slovenia, where Container d.o.o. equipped each one with three containers. The train then set off from Slovenia heading for Saxony-Anhalt with 27 wagons. The freight cars were specifically developed and optimised for Mercer Holz’s needs by Transwaggon together with its cooperation partner, Forstlogistik CH AG as well as Mercer Holz.

The wagons’ length of 63 feet made it possible to install three custom-designed containers with 21 feet per wagon. The optimal utilisation of the wagon profile and the containers, which were enlarged from 20 to 21 feet, increased the loading capacity by over ten percent.

“The flexible equipment on the wagons and the simple way of modifying them will make it easier for Mercer Holz to further simplify dispatch of its wagon fleet,” Carsten Schiering, Managing Director of Transwaggon GmbH in Hamburg said

Mercer Holz placed great importance on having the maximum possible flexibility for deploying the new wagons. Transwaggon took this into account in that the SNPS wagons can both transport the woodchip containers as well as be equipped with timber cassettes or, alternatively, with fixed stanchions. “Our main focus was to further standardise our wagon fleet and use only one type of wagon for all our shipment.,” Wolfgang Beck, Managing Director of Mercer Holz said.

In addition to the 156 wagons delivered, Mercer Holz is leasing the relevant woodchip containers for each wagon. This brings the Mercer Holz wagon fleet to over 500 freight cars of the same type, making maintenance and servicing of the wagons much easier.

Transwaggon and Mercer Holz document their close cooperation in the joint development of the new wagons and their commitment to reducing the CO2 footprint by jointly labelling the wood chip containers. In addition to both company logos, the slogans “Climate-friendly on the road”, “90 trucks rolling here” and “We save 28,000 kg of CO2 per train” appear on the containers.

With this delivery, Transwaggon and Mercer Holz are continuing their successful business partnership, which has lasted for almost two decades.

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