Melbourne Metro rail tunnel could receive funding

Melbourne-metrou_513242-9137a252-f138-11e4-8640-5412dd2d4115The State Government made an announcement of a USD1.5 billion Budget funding injection to cover the planning, design and significant early works ahead of the major construction of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.
The Melbourne Metro Rail Project will involve building a nine kilometres long tunnel within Melbourne, connecting the Sunbury and Dandenong railway route.
On June, the commonwealth has also opened the door to funding the Melbourne Metro Rail in an apparent thawing after months of hostility.
Federal Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss said he expected his government would be approached to fund one of the state government’s key infrastructure projects, an USD11 billion rail tunnel connecting north and south suburban lines through a second CBD subway.
„We will probably receive approaches in relation to that project,” he said. „If we receive those approaches then we will have them assessed by Infrastructure Australia and make a decision.”

Photo: The preferred Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel as per the business case

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