Medina plans driverless metro system

MedinaA proposed metro system in Medina, Saudi Arabia, is likely to include driverless trains, the chief executive of the city’s public transport programme, Mamdouh Tarabishi, said, quoted by
During a conference, Mamdouh Tarabishi, the chief executive for the Public Transportation Programme for Medina, revealed futuristic images of the city’s proposed metro carriages, adding that they would “most likely” be employing a driverless design.
Proposals for the multibillion riyal mass transit system including three metro lines, two bus rapid transit (BRT) lines, four express bus routes and seven feeder bus routes were announced by Saudi Arabian government officials last November amid soaring numbers of Haj and Umrah visitors.
A working committee including the finance and transport ministers has been established to facilitate and supervise the project, which is expected to be rolled out within eight years.

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