Mauritius light rail to be operational by September 2019

The construction works of Phase I of the project which is the route from Rose Hill to Port Louis has been accomplished up to 70%. According to the information published by the Government of Mauritius, the next priority is to extend the light rail system from Rose Hill to Quatre Bornes by end of 2020.
The Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Nandcoomar Bodha, reiterated Government’s commitment to modernise and transform the public transport system. He highlighted that the first LRV is expected to arrive in Mauritius in July 2019 adding that by October 2019 there will be a total of six LRVs delivered by the Spanish rolling stock manufacturer, CAF.
In total, CAF will supply a fleet of 18 Urbos light rail vehicles to operate the Metro Express light rail line. The LRVs will be of a width of 2.65 m, length of 50 m and 3.2 m in height and comprising of 5 wagons and 7 compartments, operating at a speed of 20-25km/h up to a peak of 50 km/h.
Regarding the plan for 2020, to link Quatre Bornes to Port Louis through the LRVs, there will be four stations within the area of Quatre Bornes and the duration of the travel from Port Louis to Quatre Bornes will be around 28 minutes.

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