Major construction begins for Parramatta LRT

Major construction works on the Parramatta light rail project were launched on 31 January, which will transform the transport system in Greater Parramatta region, connecting popular key destinations across the region, while also linking into Sydney’s greater public transport networks.

Under the first phase, 12 km of new LRT and 16 stops will be constructed to connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia. The LRT is expected to be opened in 2023. The LRT will replace the train line between Camellia and Carlingford, which will provide more frequent services and better connections to town centres, including Parramatta and Sydney CBD.

Some works have already begun with the decommissioning of the closed T6 Carlingford Line, in preparation for its conversion to light rail.

The second phase of the project will envisage the construction of a LRT link between Parramatta CBD and Sydney Olympic Park. 10 km of new LRT and 10-12 stops will be constructed. This second line will have a connection to the first one, and will provide transport links with Sydney Metro West, heavy rail network in Parramatta and Sydney and ferry services at Rydalmere and Sydney Olympic Park.

In 2017, the authorities have unveiled the plans for the second phase. In 2018, the NSW government announced it will investigate an alternate route along Waratah Street in Melrose Park. Currently, a final business case for the second stage of Parramatta LRT is being considered by the NSW Government, followed by an investment decision.


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