Maintenance contract for Manila MRT-3 awarded

Philippines’ Department of Transport awarded Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering a contract for rehabilitation and maintenance services for Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 3. The contract is worth USD 326 million (JPY 35.5 billion).
The aim of the project, with Group company TES Philippines (TESP) joining as a partner is to carry out extensive repairs to all rolling stock and equipment whose operating rates have dropped due to aging or other reasons, without interfering with ordinary operation, in order to restore the line’s safety and efficiency.
A new safe maintenance regime will also be developed to maintain high operating rates even after the repairs are finished. Repair work will begin in January 2019 and be concluded in July 2022.
The MRT-3 project, using 73 Czech-made train cars, was originally carried out by Sumitomo Corporation, in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the construction of a full urban transport system, including the elevated structures, stations, rails, signals, communications, transformers, wiring, railway depots, and trains, running a total length of 17 km and comprising a total of 13 stations. The line has been utilized by Manila residents as a means of transport for well over a dozen years since the line went into full operation in 2000.
Sumitomo Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and its Group company TES Philippines were contracted to provide maintenance until 2012, but since then the aging of the system and disruptions in the procurement of maintenance parts have reduced the system’s operating rate.

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