Macedonian Railways received 107 new freight wagons

Macedonia-freightThe Macedonian Railways fleet is enhanced with 107 new freight wagons that were promoted on March 3rd, 2015, in Skopje. The remaining 43 cars are expected to be shipped by Slovakia’s ZOS Trnava by the end of the month, thus wrapping up the EUR 13.2 million-purchase. The first out of six passenger cars, worth nearly EUR 25 million, are set to arrive in July, he stated.
The procurement of new freight wagons came as a result of requests made by businessmen, according to Finance Minister Stavreski.
“The procurement of new freight wagons was one of the requests of the business community and it confirms how the government has been handling business initiatives in the past nine years. Whenever there are sound requests, we find means and ways to include them in the budgets and to help the business community,” Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski said.
The railways investment cycle at the moment is EUR 281 million, including EUR 145 million in the second stage of the reconstruction of railroad tracks to Bulgaria and EUR 50 million are envisaged for the procurement of new train cars.
“It is a serious investment cycle for which finances have been never singled out before. It will contribute to creating a more competitive economy, because with train cars like these, with modern transportation, we will lower the costs of Macedonian companies while also improving the transportation of goods and passengers,” Stavreski said.

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