Luxembourg new trains equipped with GOA2

Coradia regional trains Luxembourg’s National Railways (CFL) selected Alstom to equip the 34 new Coradia regional trains with an Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system. The high-capacity trains will be equipped with the latest automation technology and will gradually enter commercial service on Luxembourg’s national network, as well as in Belgium and France, at the end of 2021.

It will be the first time in Europe that a regional train fleet is equipped with ATO at Grade of Automation level 2 (GoA2) in combination with ETCS.

The double-deck Coradia Stream trains for CFL will be equipped with the ATO Level GoA2 automatic operation system. GoA2 involves fully automated starting, driving and stopping, with a driver who can intervene in the event of an emergency. It increases the capacity of the network by reducing intervals between trains and saves energy by regulating traction and braking forces. The ATO GoA2 equipment will be installed on CFL’s trains at Alstom’s Signalling Centre of Excellence in Charleroi, Belgium.

“In the future, automated trains will optimise regional rail operations, reduce energy consumption and increase passenger comfort. Automatic operation will make a decisive contribution to the development of a modern, attractive railway network. We are proud to work with CFL to offer this European first,” Bernard Belvaux, Managing Director of Alstom Benelux said.

In December 2018, Luxembourg Railways ordered 38 Coradia regional trains under a EUR 360 million contract,

The Coradia regional trains were ordered in December 2018 under a EUR 360 million. The 80-metre and 160-metre – long trains are to be delivered from December 2021 onwards. The trains meet the highest standards for interoperability and will be equipped with ERTMS (ETCS level 2-baseline 3) and TBL1+ signalling systems.

Designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the trains will provide passengers increased space for resting, bicycles as well as dedicated restrooms and areas for people with reduced mobility.

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