Luxembourg is the country with the highest railway investments in Europe

Luxembourg has the highest railway investments per capita in Europe, according to a study elaborated by German organisation Allianz Pro Schiene (Pro Railways Alliance).

railway investments

Last year, Luxembourg granted 600 euros per capita for rail infrastructure investments. Thus, the Grand Dutchy is ranking first in the top commented on Allianz Pro Schiene’s web page by Luxembourg’s Minister of Mobility, François Bausch. Switzerland ranks second with 365 euros, followed by Austria with 218 euros.

Luxembourg invests in railways 15 times more than the French

Luxembourg’s rail investments are 15 times higher than those of the French, who spent 40 euros per capita in 2018 and 7 times higher than those of the Germans, who spent 77 euros per capita.

Bausch declared for Allianz Pro Schiene that two thirds of investments went to the construction of roads when he took over the ministry. Then, the balance reversed, and the railway sector became the main destination of the money.

Luxembourg’s investments in the railway system will amount to EUR 4.5 billion by 2027, including the financing of the tram network.

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