Longest cross-border regional railway in Europe to be operational by the end of the year

Swiss Railways (SBB) announced the commissioning of the longest cross-border regional railway in Europe, Lemán Express railway, is expected on 15 December 2019. The project envisages a significant change of mobility in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Lemán Express will revolutionise the idea of mobility by substantially improving the quality of public transport and facilitating transfer to a more eco-friendly transport mode.
Thus, beginning with mid-December 2019, the Regio Express services connecting Vevey and Geneva will be extended up to Annemasse and Saint Maurice.
Then, Lemán Express will provide a direct connection with Vaud Canton network and will provide rapid access towards the entire railway transport network in Switzerland, via Lausanne.
The finalisation of CEVA railway (Cornavin-Eaux Vives-Annemasse), also expected towards the end of 2019, will facilitate the use of Lemán Express railway as link between Ain and Haute-Savoie cities, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in south-east France.  Therefore, 45 railway stations will be served on a cross-border network of 230 km. 50,000 passengers are expected to use this link daily.
The two railways, Lemán Express and CEVA, will serve a region of over 1 million residents. Projects have been supported by the Swiss Confederation, Vaud and Geneva cantons, by French region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, but also by Swiss Railways (SBB) and French Railways (SNCF). The whole project is estimated at EUR 1.8 billion.

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