Lithuanian Railways to invest EUR 5.5 billion until 2030

Until 2030, Lithuanian Railways plans to invest EUR 5.5 billion to modernize and develop country’s railway infrastructure network, with Rail Baltica benefiting the largest investment. “The major part of these investments will consist of the laying down of Rail Baltica. However, this project is not the only one in our plans. The public procurement of electrification, the value of which is more than EUR 2.5 million, has taken speed”, Mantas Bartuška, the general manager of Lithuanian Railways said.
In 2019, the company will double the investments compared to previous year. The company announced that, based on preliminary calculations, EUR 200 million will be invested this year in infrastructure projects. Last year, the company allotted EUR 100 million to modernize its railway network. “We intend for every euro to be invested effectively and transparently. Because of this, some of the previously planned public procurements were again inspected and announced later, while some investment plans were changed with cheaper alternatives”, Mantas Bartuška, said.
In 2018, the total value of public procurements related to infrastructure exceeded EUR 500 million. Prior to announcing public procurements, Lithuanian Railways carried out market consultations. It has carried out 27 public market consultations, 8 of them were related with the public procurements carried out by the Railway Infrastructure Management.

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