Línea 2 Ramal Consortium has the highest score for Panamá metro airport extension

Metro de Panamá has announced that Línea 2 Ramal Consortium comprising Norberto Odebrecht and FCC, S.A., submitted the best offer for the construction of Line 2 Branch Project which will connect the Superior Technical Institute of the East (ITSE) and Tocumen International Airport (AIT).
The consortium obtained the highest score (908), with 431 points for technical proposal and 477 points for the economic proposal. According to the tender’s requirement, the winner of the tender will be the bidder which will have the highest total score, formed by the technical and economic points.
According to the results, Línea 2 Ramal Consortium’s offered price had a value of USD 88 million, and the financing price, of USD 14.86 million, with a total value of USD 102.94 million.
Once the contract will be awarded, the consortium will have 28 months for the execution of the construction works.
Línea Aeropuerto Consortium (OHL-Mota-Engil) was ranked on the second place, with 887 total qualification points, of which 481 points were received for the economic proposal and 406 for technical proposal. USD 100.95 million was consortium’s offer, with USD 11 million as the financing price and USD 90 million the offering price. Línea Aeropuerto’s offer had a value of USD 100.95 million.
Acciona Construcción ranked the third place, with 709 total qualification points, of which 437 points for the economic proposal and 272 for the technical one. The total value of the offer was USD 111.34 million, with USD 13.76 million as the financing price and USD 97.57 million the offered price.
Within the tender process, the bidding for Best Value with separate evaluation modality was used, according to the public procurement legislation. As a result, Línea 2 Ramal Consortium presented an economic offer of USD 88 million, Línea Aeropuerto Consortium a USD 89.96 million and Acciona Construcción, USD 97.57 million.
The contract for the 2-km expansion includes design, civil works, auxiliary line installations and stations and the integration system with the existing metro network. The integrating rail system will be contracted separately by Metro de Panamá to ensure they are fully compatible with the Line 2 systems.
This new phase of the project follows Metro de Panamá master plan and its development is based on the ITSE – AIT section with Corredor Sur station and its positive impact for the city to meet traffic demand. It is expected that the connection will increase metro ridership. Currently, the works on Line 2 are 87% advanced and by in second quarter of 2019 they must be completed.
The Line 2 project, with a value of EUR 1.9 billion, envisages the construction of 21 km of elevated lines with 16 stations connecting the stations from the district of San Miguelito to 24 de Diciembre. Construction works were started in 2015 and are scheduled to be completed in May 2019.

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