LILEE Systems’ solutions adopted by five US Class I railroads

lilleeWireless communication products provider LILEE Systems announced that its solutions have been adopted by five of seven U.S. Class I railroads. LILEE Systems has added at least one new Class I railroad to its customer base annually over the past three years.
LILEE’s innovative rail offerings address two key areas: machine-to-machine (M2M) network communication solutions and system management solutions.
LILEE’s machine-to-machine communications hardware and software connects thousands of signaling and communications components, including trackside, onboard, and back office. LILEE’s system continuously communicates critical information for Positive Train Control (PTC) across wireless and wired networks.
LILEE’s systems management software enables railroads to remotely monitor, control, and perform diagnostics to communications equipment, without the physical presence of a field operations crew, significantly reducing operational costs and improving performance.
“Our Class I rail customers depend on reliable technologies and responsive customer service. We are proud to be supporting our customers deploying the next phase of safety and communications technologies based on the emerging Industrial Internet of Things,” said Jia-Ru Li, founder and CEO, LILEE Systems.

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