Leo Express to launch its first Prague – Krakow service

For the first time, Leo Express will launch transport services between Prague and Krakow on July 20, linking Prague with Polish important cities like Tychy, Katowice, Myslowice or Krakow. All tickets can be bought online and there is no need to print them.
Due to ongoing repair works on Polish railway network, Leo Express trains will start operations only on weekends and with the intention to expand the services when works will be completed on the route.
In Czech Republic, the trains will stop at 13 stations, including Prague main station and Ostrava, and in Poland, at 10 stations, including Katowice and Krakow.
“We see a large potential in the Polish railway market. Our aim is to support further rail liberalization in Poland and increase the passengers’ interest in environment-friendly modern means of transport,” Peter Köhler, Leo Express CEO said.
In 2017, Poland’s Office of Rail Transport (UTK) granted Leo Express the open access on railway network for rail passenger services on Prague – Kraków Główny – Prague route, being the first private rail operator in Poland.
Leo Express offered rail transport services in Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2012 and in 2017 it started operations in Germany between Berlin and Stuttgart becoming the first Czech passenger railway company operating outside Czech and Slovak Republic. Company’s transport service portfolio will expand this year, with Prague – Krakow route.

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