Latvia signs two design contracts for Rail Baltica

RB Rail signed two EUR 25 million design contracts for 123 km of the railway line in Latvia, which are carried out on the country’s Ministry of Transport.
A consortium of two Spanish companies formed by Idom and Ineco signed a EUR 13 million contract to design the main line section through Riga. The 56-km section from Upeslejas through Riga to Misa includes 30 road and railway viaducts, 4 bridges, 13 pedestrian crossings and 4 ecoducts, as well as the only tunnel within the project.
The second contract worth EUR 12 million was signed with the consortium of Egis Rail, DB Engineering & Consulting and the Latvian company Olimps. The consortium will deliver the detailed technical design for 67 km of the track from Vangaži through Salaspils to Misa. According to the preliminary design, this section includes 33 road and railway viaducts, 11 bridges, including a large bridge over the river Daugava, 2 pedestrian crossings and 3 ecoducts.
The term of both contracts is 24 months for design works and will be followed by companies’ supervision works during the construction.
“Rail Baltica is indeed a game-changer project in many aspects not just transport. I expect the best result, embedded in the European best-practice for the benefit of Latvia and the global project,” Tālis Linkaits, the Minister of Transport of Latvia, said.
85% of the funding necessary for these Rail Baltica design works is provided by the European Union and 15% by Latvia. Detailed technical design of the main line of Rail Baltica in Latvia will be delivered by RB Rail AS on behalf of Latvia’s Ministry of Transport.
With these contracts, the design works started for 411 km of the Rail Baltica.

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