Latvia and Russia to develop freight transport

Latvian Railways signed three cooperation contracts which will allow to start offering contrtrailer services, to increase the volumes of freight carriage in traffic with Russia, as well as to promote integration of information technologies for provision of freight carriage services.
Under the agreement signed with JSC ‘First federal intermodal freight operator’ (FFIFO), LDz Logistics will cooperate to develop intermodal contrtrailer freight services on Moscow-Riga route. At the same time, an option is provided to begin production of contrtrailer platforms in Latvia by using the licence of JSC “The first federal counter-carrier operator”.
The contract signed with JSC Freight One will allow the increase of freight volume between Latvia and Russia. LDz Logistics will provide Russian operator import and export transport services as well as transit services in the countries of CIS and the Baltics. This agreement has been signed on the basis of memorandum signed in 2016 between Latvijas dzelzceļš and the Russian company. Under the MoU, the two companies cooperate to improve the quality of freight transport services, as well as to promote implementation of customer-oriented services.
Another agreement was signed with Digital Logistics, allowing LDz Logistics to implement information technologies which will ensure the provision of more qualitative and operative services in freight transport organisation process. The signed agreement provides mutual exchange of experience and information in the area of information technologies, as well as the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the railway industry.
In order to continue development of logistics services and to promote efficiency and safety of services by using the newest technologies, LDz Logistics signed a cooperation memorandum with the International Logistics Business Association. The agreement provides mutual exchange of information and experience between the companies of the industry in relation of industry’s regulations and laws, transport and logistics services, transport safety and electronic documentation.

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