LA unveils its 2028 mobility strategy

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has unveiled the Vision 2028 which is released for public review. The strategy envisages the plans to improve mobility and quality of life across Los Angeles County over the next 10 years.
The plan calls for vastly improving bus service in the county by implementing exclusive lanes and increasing travel speeds, reducing bus and rail service disruptions by improving the agency’s State of Good Repair programme, implementing a larger network of ExpressLanes to speed up travel times for motorists and bus riders and piloting pricing strategies to manage demand on capacity in the most traffic-clogged parts of L.A. County.
The strategy builds on some key initiatives already underway now at Metro — and includes strategic actions that go well beyond the status quo. Vision 2028 sets Metro’s strategic direction and serves as the foundation for all other Metro plans, programs, and services.
“Vision 2028 is the compass that Metro will follow in implementing all its projects, programs and services,” Metro CEO Phillip Washington said.
The plan also shifts Metro’s focus beyond just operating transit to managing the mobility ecosystem as a whole, in effect making Metro a mobility agency.

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