Keolis starts Paris T9 tram operation

T9 tram line After a three-month trial phase, Keolis started the operation of Paris T9 tram line linking the city with Orly in the Ile-de-France region.

For the operation of the line, which is owned and managed by Ile-de-France Mobilités, Keolis was awarded the contract in July 2019 following a competition with other operators.

Linking Orly to Paris in just 30 minutes, the new line is fully integrated in the existing transport network thanks to interconnections with the metro, including the upcoming Grand Paris Express metro line 15, other tram networks and suburban trains. The T9 tram line is also connected to 15 bus routes and five bus lines in the Seine Grand Orly basin, also operated by Keolis.

While developing the T9 tram line, IDFM set out to encourage bike use by installing a continuous 20-kilometre cycle path between Paris and Orly, as well as bike racks at each station and every 150 metres along the line.

The line comprises 40 kilometres of track served by 19 stations, whitn an average of 550 metres apart. It is operated by 22 45 metres-long Alstom trams, with a capacity of 314 passengers.

70,000 to 80,000 passengers are expected to use the line on a daily basis, with one tram at every five minutes.

Thanks to an important partnership with local players in employment and professional integration, Keolis recruited 100 employees to fill operating – drivers or regulators, and maintenance positions. 89% of these employees live in the region.

Addressing the region’s strong demographic and economic growth, the T9 tram offers a practical mobility solution for commuters between Paris and five cities in the Val-de-Marne department (Ivry-sur-Seine, Vitry-sur-Seine, Choisy-le-Roi, Thiais, and Orly).

The T9 tram improves residents’ quality of life by improving access to business districts and Paris closer together and in doing so offering a compelling alternative to private cars. The T9’s development also enhanced the local environment thanks to the creation of 88,000 m² of green spaces, 1,500 street lights and dedicated pedestrian zones.

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