Kelso Technologies’ new rail wheel cleaning system undergoes tests

Kelso Technologies Inc.’s Class I railway technology partner has successfully installed the company’s new rail wheel cleaning system (WCS). The WCS is now operational on a beta test site. The WCS is designed for rail wheel cleaning operations in railway hump yards and industrial shipping facilities. The WCS is being tested and evaluated in one of the largest rail yard operations in North America.
The company’s WCS is a unique proprietary (patent pending) rail wheel cleaning system that has been designed in co-operation with Class I railway. It addresses the problematic issue of rail car wheels “caking” with various commodities during operations and assists in the reduction of “overspeed” infractions in a railway hump yard. The industrial heavy-duty cleaning capabilities provided by the WCS for rail car operations can reliably maintain and improve the performance of rolling stock. Some of the more challenging commodities addressed by the WCS include crude oil/tar, salt water slurry, flour water slurry, Portland cement, lime powder slurry, sugar water slurry, potash and sulphur.
This beta site test is a key development and prerequisite event that is expected to lead to full commercial sales of the WCS.

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