Jordan plans tram system

Amman Jordan-metro light rail_Amman-metro-linesA tramway system could be developed in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, within five years to relieve congestion in the city and introduce a more efficient public transport system.
“We are looking at the possibility of building a tramway within five years. This project will entail land value capture involve private sector funding,” Ayman Smadi, executive director for transport, Greater Amman Municipality says according to the local media.
“A mass transit system is required [in Amman], otherwise the number of vehicles in Amman will be reaching 2 million by 2020… this will be disastrous environmentally and economically,” Smadi adds. Jordan is also expected to approve, in the coming period, a National Transportation Law, which would help address the growing need for a more efficient public transport system.
The law would support a National Transportation Fund initiative, where a nominal tax will be added to fuel and fare fees in order to subsidise public transport services.

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