Israel Railways to implement Train Planning System

Israel_RailwaysIsrael Railways will use Train Planning System (TPS) software from HaCon, a solution which includes all schedules and route inquiries for passenger and freight traffic. HaCon’s new customer aims to fully replace its legacy tools and systems with TPS by the end of the year.
With its 2,370 employees and a network of approx. 1,100 kilometers of track, the state-owned railway company needed a tailored and integrated planning tool for both yearly timetables and future infrastructure and timetables up to 2020 and beyond. HaCon delivered a flexible and configurable solution that guarantees a seamless interaction with third-party systems and a perfect adaptation to the existing IT infrastructure.
“We aim to reach 70 million passengers in 2020, add electrification, and increase the length of track from the current 1,100 kilometers to 1,700 at the same time. We are happy to have a strong partner and software expert like HaCon at our side to meet these challenges at the best possible rate,” Israel Railways director of the long-term planning department Yosef Navon said.


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