Israel purchases 54 additional Twindexx coaches Vario

Bombardier Transportation and Israel Railways signed a contract to provide 54 additional Twindexx Vario double-deck coaches. This call-off is part of a framework agreement signed in October 2010 and is valued at approximately EUR 104 million euro. The delivery of the new coaches is scheduled to be completed by August 2020.
Sixth order will increase Israel Railways’ fleet of Bombardier-built double-deck Twindexx Vario coaches to 512. The trainsets to be operated on the new, electrified Tel Aviv – Jerusalem line.
The new order consists of 11 control cars, 11 intermediate coaches with dedicated space for people with reduced mobility and 32 trailer cars. The control cars will no longer use diesel generators to feed auxiliary systems like air conditioning as the Traxx locomotives that Israel Railways has recently ordered will provide more than enough power for both traction and auxiliaries. Additionally, the driver’s desk in the control car will be re-designed to be identical to the Traxx electric locomotives’ desk, scheduled to be delivered in 2018.
This single-car concept enables Israel Railways to configure the loco-hauled trainsets according to the required capacity. Each of the 8-car trains currently in service feature seating capacity for 1,000 passengers.
Bombardier Transportation operates a service depot in Haifa where the existing 293 double-deck coaches are being upgraded for a speed of 160 km/h and for electric traction. This month, ISR and Bombardier also started static and dynamic tests on the new Traxx electric locomotive ensuring the delivery of the first electric locomotive in March 2018. Bombardier team continues qualifying local staff to carry out the final assembly of the coaches, recently-delivered at an ISR shop floor in Be’er Sheva, part of a call-off from March 2016.

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