Intesa Sanpaolo to support RZD’s 2025 strategy

Russian Railways and Intesa Sanpaolo Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding on further joint work between the two companies and provides for the bank’s participation in the RZD’s long-term projects which are planned in the Long-Term Development Programme of Russian Railways until 2025.

Projects of mutual interest will be implemented through the conclusion of separate contracts and agreements between Russian Railways and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

In Mach, the Government approved company’s 2025 strategy. Under the baseline scenario, the programme has a value of RUB 4,671 billion (USD 72.66 billion). According to the programme, the total amount of the investment, including the private involvement, is RUB 8,658 billion (USD 134.7 billion).

The optimistic scenario for 2019-2025 envisages the allocation of RUB 5,786.5 billion (USD 90 billion) and taking into account the funds from other investors, the investment value is estimated at RUB 9,773 (USD 152 billion).

The strategy envisages the modernisation of the existing infrastructure and the construction of new railway conections, as well as the development of a high-speed railway network. The programme also includes the development of railway connections in Azov-Black Sea basin and the development of Baikal-Amur and Transsiberian railway lines to accommodate 180 million tonnes by 2024. USD 2.84 billion is the needed investment for the two mainlines until 2025.

The 2025 programme also envisages the acquisition of new rolling stock and the modernisation of the existing fleet, including traction units, as well as the implementation of the new technology to foster digital development.

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