Interior design for Wiener Lokalbahnen new tram unveiled

The new trams for Badner Bahn Bombardier has unveiled the interior of the new trams for Badner Bahn tram-train service in the metropolitan area, operated by Wiener Lokalbahn.

The new tram offers more comfort, the highest safety standard, innovative design and flexible seating arrangements. It is also designed to meet the needs of passengers with limited mobility and those with strollers.

The new trams are barrier-free and environmentally friendly vehicles to provide Badner Bahn passengers increased comfort.

The new trams for Badner Bahn have a length of 28 metres and a capacity for 160 passengers. In addition to conventional seats, there are folding seats that can be used for sitting if necessary. Two generously designed multipurpose areas offer space for up to two wheelchairs and strollers, which is twice the capacity of the current TW400 series. The two wheelchair spaces arranged side by side are each equipped with a microphone unit for the driver, a stop request button, USB charging sockets and a belt. The seats are designed in a modern wood design.

The new trams are equipped energy-saving LED lighting and a modern passenger information system,  WiFi and sockets for charging smartphones, laptops or tablets.

The first vehicles are to be delivered from 2021 and will replace the old TW100-type vehicles.

The new trams will be manufactured at Bombardier’s global competence centre for trams and light rail vehicles in Vienna.

“The new trams will gradually replace the old high-floor models from the second half of 2021. When designing the interior, we took great care to ensure that our passengers feel comfortable in every way,” said Monika Unterholzner, managing director of Wiener Lokalbahnen, the operator of the Badner Bahn.

After the delivery of the first vehicle, intensive internal tests will be performed. Following the official approval, the trial operation of the first two vehicles with passengers is expected to start in the second half of 2021.

At the end of 2018, Bombardier Transportation and Wiener Lokalbahnen signed a EUR 94 million contract for the supply of 18 Flexity trams for Badner Bahn, with an option for 16 additional vehicles. the contract also includes the FlexCare maintenance management system over 24 years, with the possibility for an 8-year extension if the option is exercised.

The 30.4-km Badner Bahn tram-train system operates between Vienna and Baden, 26 km south of Austrian capital. Annually, Wiener Lokalbahnen carry around 12 million passengers between Vienna and Baden. To reach Vienna, the majority of the commuters from the south of Vienna use the Badner Bahn every day.

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