Innovative rail solutions to be developed for Singapore rail market

Alstom and SMRT Trains, the largest rail operator in Singapore signed an agreement to work together to explore the use of technology such as 3D-printed spare parts, autonomous robots and vision computing for predictive maintenance automation, and recoverable braking energy.

The two companies will establish a framework of cooperation and coordination in the fields of railway operations and maintenance. By signing the MoU, the parties have taken a step towards accelerating railway innovation and revolutionising Singapore’s rail industry.

The collaboration will tap on SMRT Trains’ extensive local rail network operations and Alstom’s global research and development resources. The teams from Alstom’s Innovation Station in Singapore and SMRT Trains will leverage the latest technologies such as additive manufacturing, data analytics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, as well as the existing infrastructure such as the communications-based train control (CBTC) simulation facilities, to optimise efficiencies and security in railway operations and maintenance.

“Alstom offers the most comprehensive range of green and smart solutions to support its customers. We will now expand our innovation capacity and explore products specifically tailored to the geographic, climatic and regulatory realities of the Singapore market. We are therefore excited to be partnering with SMRT Trains on this collaboration journey,” Ling Fang, the President of Alstom Asia Pacific said.

To continuously bring the leading technological advances in rail to customers, Alstom has established an Innovation Station in Singapore in late 2021. The Station, a first in Asia Pacific for the Group,  focuses on collaborating with strong local players such as customers, research agencies, universities and start-ups, while taking internal innovation projects to the market, but also targeting the entire the region.


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