Innovative Malaysian locomotive unveiled

H10 Series locomotive SMH Rail Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading rolling stock manufacturer and maintenance service provider, has unveiled its newly manufactured H10 Series locomotive built with advanced technology to reduce emissions.

The locomotives provide an intrinsic value to the environment and railway ecosystem together with innovation in design engineering that will fuel green operations.

With an aim Towards Green Mobility, SMH Rail is making valuable contributions towards redefining mobility in the long-term for rail sustainability. The innovative locomotives can potentially replace 100 cargo trucks, reduce carbon emissions by up to 75%, lower highway congestion, and is four times more fuel efficient than road freight transport on average.

Its practical design ensures high reliability and availability for improved operational efficiency, increased haulage capacity and reduction of maintenance challenges, resulting in lower overall life cycle costs.

With more than 60% of its content locally manufactured in Malaysia, the H10 Series locomotive marks a cornerstone achievement of the company on the global rail industry market.

The dual cab locomotive is compliant with UIC standards and is designed for heavy haulage and uninterrupted long-haul services. One of its main features is its capability to operate in challenging terrains and weather conditions for combined performance assurance with high reliability and availability.

The vehicle is equipped with remote monitoring and diagnostics solution to provide real-time updates to rail operators. This will allow rail operators to monitor performance remotely including speed, maintenance needs, fuel consumption and fault alerts. It supports data analysis that tracks negligent handling, reduce risks of failures and improves operational safety.
“We are committed towards building innovative solutions in the global railway industry. With more than 20 years of industry experience our focus is to continuously deliver outstanding solutions for our global railway partners in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability,” Yang Berbahagia Datuk PK Nara, Managing Director of SMH Rail said.
The first batch of the new locomotives in this series was delivered to Tanzania Railways Corporation which received financial support form the World Bank for the procurement project.

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