Industry Briefing for KL – Singapore AssetsCo tender

Malaysia’s MyHSR Corporation and Transport Authority of Singapore will jointly conduct an Industry Briefing in July in preparation for the assets company (‘AssetsCo’) tender for the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High Speed Rail project.
The Industry Briefing, will be open to all qualified entities and will serve as a platform for MyHSR and LTA to share key features of the HSR project, as well as indicative AssetsCo tender parameters and technical specifications. It will also provide an opportunity for a dialogue between MyHSR, LTA and the industry.
The Industry Briefing is expected to attract the participation of regional and global entities, which are interested to participate in the project’s AssetsCo tender, to be called by the end of this year. The AssetsCo will be responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining all rolling stock, as well as designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining all rail assets (e.g. track-work, power, signalling and telecommunications). It will also coordinate the system’s network capacity for operations and maintenance needs.
“This Industry Briefing marks yet another milestone in our HSR journey. Since the Bilateral Agreement was signed last December, we have received indications of strong market interest in this project. We hope to receive strong interest for this Industry Briefing too. In line with the exercise conducted for the Joint Request for Information in December 2015, we believe in interacting with the industry, to allow for a well-informed and successful competitive AssetsCo tender, which will be conducted in an open, fair and transparent manner,” the joint statement says.
The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR will connect 7 cities in Malaysia to Singapore, following a coastal route within a 90 minutes time travel.

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