India to double Daund-Manmad railway line

The Indian Cabinet approved the doubling of the Daund-Manmad railway line to ease movement of passengers and goods across Pune, Ahmednagar and Nashik in the state of Maharashtra. The 247.5 km long railway line is expected to be completed in five years. The estimated completion cost of the project is Rs 23.3 billion (305.8 million euros).
At present the Indian Railways are working on the Mumbai-Chennai route by doubling the Bhigwan-Mohol and Hotgi-Gulbarga sections. Work on a new line on the Lonand-Phaltan-Baramati route in Maharashtra is also in progress. Once these works are completed, there will be a tremendous increase in traffic over the Daund-Manmad section and the existing single line will not be in a position to deal with the increased traffic, the Rail Ministry explained.
“Doubling of the line will greatly ease the ever increasing passenger and freight traffic on Daund-Manmad route, thereby increasing the revenue of Railways. Besides passengers, industries in and around Daund-Manmad route will have additional transport capacity to meet their requirements,” the Rail Ministry said.

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