HyperloopTT announces first tests with passengers next year

The first tests with passengers of HyperloopTT will take place in 2020, American experts announced during a visit to Toulouse-Francazal research centre. 


A technology that is half TGV, half airplane and is capable to reach speeds of almost 1,000 km/h in a sealed tube. This novel mode of transport presented by Elon Musk could be developed on Francazal former air base, from which the first Aéropostale planes took off.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) company has installed here its Research and Development Centre with the support of Toulouse Métropole. It is two steps from Easy Mile headquarters which develops driverless cars and the future testing centre of the French manufacturers of autonomous cars. This area is becoming a pole of future mobility.

HTT has already built the first test track, which is 320m long, at the base of the control tower hosting the offices of the American company. A 1km tube will be soon built on the Royal Path, the main shaft of the base suspended on pillars with heights between 5 and 80 metres. The passenger capsule, built in Spain from Vibranium, a composite material developed by HTT, arrived in Toulouse-Francazal in January.

“We are closer than ever to transporting people in the Hyperloop for the first time”, declared Bibop Gresta, President HTT. Its company announced the first tests with passengers in 2020 and showcased its technology and certifications norms to the European Commission and the American Ministry of Transport from which a delegation came to visit HTT’s equipment in Francazal.

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