HSR Melbourne-Brisbane could be build for almost half the original price

A discussion paper being launched at Parliament House (Australia) has found that high speed rail could potentially be built between Melbourne and Brisbane for almost half the price of the AU $114 billion (USD 100.5B) estimated in a previous Government study.
The report, produced by Aurecon, indicates costs at AU $35 million (USD 30.8M) per kilometre, a total of AU $63 billion (USD 55.5B) – aroundhalf the $114 (USD 100.5B) price cost indicated two years ago.
Australasian Railway Association (ARA) CEO, Bryan Nye OAM said that “Government commitment to the project is needed first, followed by the establishment of a body to oversee the project and then opening Australia’s high speed rail project to the market. Let’s put the project out to our overseas colleagues in Europe, Japan and China. They have the experience, let’s allow them to show us how to fund, construct and operate high speed rail in Australia,” he said.
Source: www.ara.net.au

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