HSR Casablanca – Tangier to be ready for service in 2018

Morocco-HSR_high-speed-train9The work of the Moroccan high speed rail network, started in 2014 in the North of the country, is now 70% completed. In the meantime ONCF is starting the study of the segment connecting Casablanca and Agadir.
The Moroccan Railways (ONCF) considers the south extension of the high speed line from Casablanca to Agadir, which implies the realization of a new non-existent section between Marrakech and Agadir, the Moroccan newspaper “Aujourd’hui” informs.
ONCF will launch, this January, preliminary studies to assess the feasibility and economic viability of the new segment. The ONCF has already conducted a first field study and passengers survey.
During a parliamentary session last week, the Minister of Transport said that the works of the high speed line connecting Tangier to Casablanca are finalized at 70% and are due to enter service in 2018.
One viaduct of the Moroccan high speed railway line, named “El Hachef”, will be, after completion, the world’s largest rail viaduct, Mohamed Rabie Khlie, CEO of ONCF said. This viaduct extends over 3.5 km between Asillah and Tangier, in the North of Morocco.
The high-speed line which will connect Casablanca and Tangier, is also the largest high-speed railway project in Africa.

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