Hong Kong to open a new MRT in 2020

Hin Keng station

MTR Corporation announced a phased opening of the Hong Kong Tuen Ma Line (TML) under the Shatin to Central Link project starting 2020.
The line covers three new stations at Hin Keng, Diamond Hill and Kai Tak.
“Under the proposed arrangements, three new stations along the TML are planned to open for passenger service in the 1st quarter of 2020 while continued efforts will be made to complete the rest of the TML as soon as possible,” said Jacob Kam, CEO of MTR Corporation.
The Corporation is now undertaking necessary system modifications works, including adjustment of the signalling system, some re-cabling works, and modifications to some of the signage, which will allow the opening of the first phase of TML covering Hin Keng, Diamond Hill and Kai Tak stations, once all statutory processes have been completed.
In June, MTR has resumed testing of the signalling system on the Tuen Ma Line, which was suspended following an accident in March, when two trains collided near Central Station Tsuen Wan line, during signalling tests.
MTR has also completed an audit of key documentation for the other five TML new stations. Audit results, which have been reviewed by Government, show that 90% of the structure related Request for Inspection and Survey Check forms are available.
Along with the newly built section of the Tuen Ma Line, MTR is set to carry out tests on the Ma On Shan Line and West Rail Line.

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