Hitachi trials a smart ticketing system

Hitachi Rail is currently testing its new developed smart ticketing system which use sensors on trains to detect an app on passengers’ smartphones as they board, removing the ticket barriers.
The company says that there would be no need to remove the phone from pockets or bags and no need for station barriers, signalling an end to queues at the barrier or ticket machine.
Passengers will be automatically charged the correct fare, and Hitachi already has proven smart ticketing technology to ensure the passenger will not be overcharged.
The technology will undergo a rigorous testing programme for Trenito Transporti in Trento, Italy, with Hitachi hoping to bring it to the UK for use on buses, trams and trains.
The technology can be applied to all forms of public transport, including buses and trams, allowing faster boarding times.
“This technology has the ability to transform public transport in every corner of the country, from rural buses to city centre train stations. The common travelling woes of queues at ticket machines or trying to find the cheapest fare could be solved without even needing to reach for your pocket,” Karen Boswell, Managing Director, Hitachi Rail, said.

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