Historical investment for Atlanta Metro transit system

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) approved a “historic investment” for the development of region’s transit system. This is authority’s largest transit investment in more than four decades. The total costs of the projects were estimated at USD 4 billion. The programme will be partially funded by approximately USD 2.7 billion generated by a half-penny sales tax approved by city voters in 2016. Additional public and private funding will be sought to advance and expand key aspects of the programme.
The More MARTA Atlanta programme includes 17 projects which calls the development of 35.4 km of light rail transit, 22.5 km of rapid transit and 42 km of arterial rapid transit, additional fixed-route bus service, two new transit centers and the modernisation of the existing rail stations and the heavy rail system.
The LRT is proposed for the BeltLine, in the Clifton Corridor, and Campbellton Road.
Next steps include developing costs and schedules associated with individual projects and beginning the process of securing additional funding.

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