Hanovre develops new IT service for passengers

Üstra, Hanovre urban transport operator, and IVU Traffic Technologies signed a collaboration contract to develop and test a new software for the users of public transport services. IVU designers will collaborate with the IT department of Üstra, in Hanovre, to identify the problems that might arise in due time, but also to develop solutions to these problems.

IVU believes that this close collaboration with the operator leads to the rapid testing of products. In the future, positive results could also be applied to other IVU customers.

This is not the first collaboration of Üstra and IVU. A series of IVU systems are already applied by the transport company in Hanovre, one of the promoters of transport engineering. Until now, Üstra has included many customised products whose maintenance is difficult. These patented solutions will be transformed in IVU’s standard products. Moreover, Üstra will benefit from system updates several weeks after project finalisation. Thanks to this measure, Üstra operator and its customers will enjoy faster and improved solutions.

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